If you are a foreigner who wants to study Croatian anywhere in the world, we can organize online lessons for you.

If you live in Rijeka, you can take onsite lessons in our classroms in Erazma Barčića 9A street.

If you have any questions, be free to contact us:

e-mail: klubmladihrijeka@gmail.com

phone: +385923926728 (Viber, WhatsApp)

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( 1 EUR= 7,5345 HRK)

Group courses:

Option 1:  90 min. once a week: 200 EUR (1506,9 HRK) per semester (35 teaching hours)

Option 2:  90 min. twice a week: 300 EUR (2260,35 HRK) per semsester (70 teaching hours)

Individual courses/lessons:

18 EUR (135,62 HRK) per 45 min lesson

Dual courses/lessons:

27 EUR (203,43 HRK) per 45 min lesson

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